Corporate Principle

We have established a management system at Eisengießerei Karlshütte GmbH to emphasize the significance of quality and environmental awareness in the implementation of our business strategy.

 “Eisengießerei Karlshütte GmbH aims to manufacture and sell castings of a high and consistent quality that meets our customers’ requirements and expectations having regard to standards and regulations”.

Implementation of the management system in accordance with the requirements of the DIN - EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard and continual improvement of its effectiveness is aimed at maintaining and increasing our customers’ confidence in this company’s quality as well as at systematically reducing our environmental impact through the introduction of environmentally friendly techniques and technologies.

The management system policy is the overriding element in the functioning of the business. To that end, strategic goals have to be achieved:

  • Ensuring customer satisfaction while complying with standards and laws and fulfilling our customers’ expectations
  • Guaranteeing high, repeatable product conformity by working closely with proven suppliers
  • Improving the efficiency of management and infrastructure and continually introducing new technological solutions
  • Optimizing the sales organisation by shortening throughput times and improving inventory management
  • Improving environmental protection by reducing pollutant emissions and by separating and recycling waste
  • Training our employees in accordance with the training programmes to raise their level of qualifications and to increase their awareness and its practical application in their work

Our management system policy has been formulated with the direct participation of our employees to ensure their understanding and adaptation to the corresponding levels of organisation.

We undertake, in our own name and on behalf of all the employees, to achieve the aims of the management system policy and to continually improve the effectiveness and development of the management system in accordance with the requirements of the DIN-EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard.